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David's assignments have allowed him to cover events that have changed the makeup of the world today.  Among them: the student pro-democracy movement in Tiananmen Square, China; the San Francisco earthquake; Mikhail Gorbachev meeting Pope John Paul II, a first ever meeting between the heads of the Soviet Union and the Vatican, the Inaugurations of The President of The United States; Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, William J. Clinton and George W.  Bush; the Persian Gulf War; the coup attempt in Moscow, and subsequent fall of the Soviet Union and the unpredictable Presidential election in Manila, Philippines. Other jobs have included the Winter and Summer Olympics, and the Democratic and Republican Conventions in New York, Houston, San Diego and Chicago. 


David's other assignments have included coverage of a unique mix of events, such as Nelson Mandela and the first democratic elections in South Africa, the Bosnia conflict, elections in Taiwan and the United States later that same year. In 1997 he covered the Hong Kong Handover to China and Princess Diana and Mother Teresa funerals. In 1998 he was in Indonesia for the fall of President Suharto. David traveled with President Clinton to China, and also covered the very violent independence and election movement in Indonesia. He has photographed a copper mine at 17,000 feet, 3 degrees off the Equator, and the horror of collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11.


David has shot portraits of a diverse mix of people including: 1960's icon Timothy Leary, The Dailai Lama, comic actor Dana Carvey, Paul McCartney, actress Salma Hayek and Nobel Winner Elie Weisel.


David's photographs have been featured in major US and foreign publications and were included in the first book published on the Tiananmen Square student uprising and massacre.


An American Photo contest winner, his work has appeared at the Aperture Gallery, and in a traveling show on Russia, as well as the Here is New York 9/11 gallery in New York City.


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